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I will soon be getting a 25-30 gallon aquarium starter kit to add some new fish and transfer over the ones I already have. I was looking for one that was decently priced that includes a heater, hood with lights, and a good quiet filter. I'm 95% sure i'm going to go with a Aqueon starter kit. The filter seems strong, reasonably quiet, and if I needed an extra or replacement filter has Penguin Bio-wheel filters for $25. Any thoughts or opinions on the Aqueon tanks/starter kits? This will be my first decently large tanks and it just seems to fit my needs more than the Marineland or Top Fin. Top Fin's filter looked awful, and Marineland light hoods looked awful. Any thoughts or comments on these 3 tanks?arky
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I never buy kits but that's because I would replace everything.

for HOB filters I go aquaclear every time. they are good and much easier to move media from filter to filter. I hated the aqueon, there is no good way to add media or move media.

I always have live plants so I need good light. sense I use t5-ho lights I don't buy the kits.

aqueon makes fine tanks and if you don't need good lights or move filter media around then they are fine. my first tank was a aqueon kit.
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Aqueon kits are good, as far as Tank and Lighting, but I cannot stand their filters. I agree with bankrupt on the filters. Aqua Clear all the way! They're very quiet, and you can adjust or add just about anything you want on them.
Matt B
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I've had an Aqueon kit before and I have to say the filter was dead quiet, I still ended up changing it out for an AC because as bankruptjojo pointed out, the filter has next to no versatility compared to the AC. I think you'll also find the filters that come with the tanks are undersized when you go by the gph rule (should be 8-10x turnover for hobs).

All in all, I wouldn't ever get a kit again unless it was on blowout sale or something. As you get more into the hobby you'll probably end up replacing everything anyway. I would start with just a tank and build it up.
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Just starting off, they're a great value as they have everything you need to get started.

For my recommendation though, I'd get a tank second hand and spend extra money on lighting, heating, and filtration. As previously stated, the lighting usually isn't the greatest and the filtration is sub-par. Every kit I have purchased has gotten a filter upgrade to an AC (aquaclear).
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I have an Aqueon kit and Aqueon filters on my other tank. I've also used the Marineland Penguin hang on back filter. Between the two, I like the Aqueon because it restarts automatically. You don't need to prime it with tank water like you do the Penguin. It's also quieter.

My next step up will be to try the Aquaclear HOB, but for a starter kit the Aqueon is solid. I recommend it.
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Well I'm not just 'starting off' and I still buy kits when I go to buy tanks. I find them to be the best deal... I always see if I can end up with a cheaper set-up buying everything separate, and the answer is always no. I do always upgrade lighting since I plant my tanks and use medium-high lighting, but it still gives me a light to use while I save up for nice lighting/gives me housing to use.

So I mean it just depends on personal preference really. I've always found the filters to work great, heaters work great, lights work great, etc. so I like kits. ^^

As far as Aqueon starter kits, I like them a lot. The tanks are made great and my Quietflow filters are my favorite, I actually find them comparable to my Aquaclear filters. I'd just recommend adding more media rather than just the cartridge you're supposed to add.
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All great comments, guys! From all the research i've done on these tanks i've gotten most mixed reviews, especially on the filters. I think the Aqueon starter kit would fit my needs right now as a fish keeper though. As one said earlier, it is cheaper to buy the kit than all the separate parts. I do need a decent hood fixture with some nice lights for the fish, but only so Loaches can't escape, and of course the light will simulate day-time and generally look really nice. I do not have any live plants, only fake plants. I would like to get into real plants in the future, probably starting with very low-light and low maintence plants. As for the filter most say its quiet, the only noise is waterfall, which could be a claming effect for me. And if not there's always the Aqua Clear or Penguin Bio-Wheel I guess. Can't wait to give my fish a bigger home and accquire some more once the environment is stable!
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Careful what equipment you get with it. I got an Aqueon starter kit (10 gal), and it included a really useless incandescent hood. REALLY ugly yellow light. Had to clean up one of my ancient hoods and fluorescent light strips to make it more acceptable. I've also bought a AquaClear to supplement the Aqueon filter for the reasons Bankruptjojo states. The purpose of this tank was to get one cycled and to prep some media for some larger, future tanks. That Aqueon filter just wasn't going to cut it.
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Good morning,

I've purchased kits in the past. Set them up, use them as is and upgrade lights, filters, heaters as the need arises or when funds permit. Keep the kit equipment as spares. It pays to have spare everything in this hobby.

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Good morning, Ken.

I couldn't agree with you more! I have several extras on most things concerning the fish tank media, filters, supplies, etc. You can't really have too much extra. Sometime down the road you might need those items.
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I agree, I end up replacing everything so you're better off getting a tank on Craigslist or Petco's $1/gallon sale.

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