Aquarium Stand For 40 Gallon Aquarium

I just bought a 40 gal bowfront glass tank. I have a cast iron stand that is for a rectangular 40 gal, if I put a suitably sized piece of wood on top of the stand and the tank on top of the wood will that be supportive enough? Do I need a bowfront stand?
That could potentially be dangerous, depending on how far out the bow front sticks out. Filled with water, a 40 gallon would be at least 400 pounds. I would try to get a stand made exactly for that particular aquarium. Just my opinion though.
Thanks, I was just hoping for a less expensive route. Though I think my husband needs a new woodworking project.
Actually I was wondering about stands - I have the 170 litre tank and don't have anything to put it on. Any ideas about how much it will weigh and what kind of stand should I put it on?
Well yesterday was my day off so I trawled all the furniture shops and was looking at some very expensive tables etc but then popped into Petsmart and found a stand made to fit the tank for £75 with cabinet and all! I don't know why I didn't look there in the first place... >

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