Aquarium Sponge Turned Pink?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by brook.lyn, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. brook.lynValued MemberMember

    I use two filters in the same tank, one sponge filter and another is a Fluval HOB. The HOB has two smaller sponges in it, (along with media and other things) one sponge I use to help block flow and another is fully in the filter.
    -the sponge filter has not had any color changes-

    I was rinsing the filter sponges in old tank water while doing a water change today to notice that the filter sponges are tinted pink? Not spotted or anything but coated all in pink. They're originally white out of the box.

    I've had them for a while, and only thing that goes into my tank other than fish food is Seachem Prime. My tank water hasn't turned color and no physical signs of discomfort or anything to my fish, so I'm not too worried. Just something that's a little strange? Not sure if anyone has had this problem before

    -thanks in advance xo
  2. TwoHedWlfWell Known MemberMember

    Sponges always start off white and end up turning red and then dark red/ brown.
  3. Cranks_TanksValued MemberMember

    Fish food generally has a lot of carotenoids which help color up your fish (Color enhancing food has even more of it) which is a red color. Food poop looks brown, but its more of a really really dark red that will stain a white sponge pink. Over time it will stain the sponge even more and look more like a lovely poop color.

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