Aquarium silicone and caulking gun

  1. LWormy Member Member

    Hello! I am building a sump and I am wondering if it is 100% necessary to have a caulking gun. Any ideas? What's the pros of having one?
  2. FiscCyning Member Member

    You can apply silicone without one, but it depends on your patience level and how much of a perfectionist you are. A caulking gun makes it much easier and quicker to make even lines of silicone. If you're short on time or will be bothered by minor inconsistencies in the finished silicone then I recommend a caulking gun. You can certainly do it without a caulking gun, but if you have a lot of silicone to apply or just want a low-hassle job then it is preferable to have one.
  3. LWormy Member Member

    Ok, I am building the sump out of plywood and pond liners, so I wouldn't really see the silicone. Will the silicone be able to hold wood together? Will I be able to attack pond liners as well? I am also going to have some parts that is made out of ceremics. Can 100% silicone hold that together? I've only seen it used on glass and acrylic so I am not sure if it can do that.
  4. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    Plywood + moisture = bad idea. It will bend and warp really quick even if it doesn't directly get wet. It's the surrounding humidity.
  5. LWormy Member Member

    Oh, shoot, I haven't thought about that. What is a good material to make the sump out of than? I am looking to do this under $50. I would like to have cheaper materials. Anyway, would the silicone attach ceramics or no?
  6. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    With the dollar per gallon sale, you can get a 40 gallon aquarium and start with that.
  7. LWormy Member Member

    My dimension is extremely funky. I need a sump right behind my tank, so it is very long and high. It is also not that wide. I am growing lucky bamboo in it to suck nitrate. Any ideas how I can obtain the acrylic at a affordable price?
  8. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    Oh like the CPR Aquafuge. Or the Marina Hang-On breeder box. Or a Finnex refugium. Search these products and see what suits you best.
  9. LWormy Member Member

    Sorry, none of them fit the bill still. They are either too small or too expansive. (seriously, $500? that cost more than all of my tanks combined!) I have a 32 gallon rimless Mr. Aqua tank. I think I will need to build my own sump. Can you give me a website that have good material to build it out of?
  10. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    People build tanks out of plywood all the time, do a google search for more info, there's a lot out there. I think it's in the realm of possibility for sure.
  11. LWormy Member Member

    All the waterproof coating I found release toxic fume before they cure. Are there any coatings that don't do this? My parents won't like the idea of me using them.
  12. renthus Well Known Member Member

    Home Depot and Lowes carry acrylic and glass in fair prices. I know Lowes will cut glass for you for free, but Home Depot generally doesn't.
  13. LWormy Member Member

    I can only go to a Home Depot. Are there any cheap tools out there to cut glass with?
  14. LWormy Member Member

    Ok, another question: If I use plywood box and pond liner, and I spray the plywood with neverwet, will it still warp? I am not sure if neverwet is aquarium safe or not, but since it will not direction touch the aquarium water, will it be okay? It is just so the moisture won't destroy the plywood.
  15. fish gazer Member Member

    I would maybe try to find a used aquarium online, get an acrylic sheet from home depot for your dividers, (they can probably cut it for you for a small fee), and silicone works with wood and ceramic as written on their labels, depending on which type you bought, they would still need to cure though. I would avoid anti-mildew ones though, heard they have additives that leach out. But the lfs should have a safe silicone for your application, I think the brand is Marina. Good luck!
  16. FiscCyning Member Member

    Home Depot sells a $2 glass cutter that I have found in store also:

    It surprisingly works well for only $2! If you've never cut glass before I would definitely google for instructions. I'm sure there must be instructional videos on YouTube that would show you what to do.

    You can buy silicone from Home Depot for cheaper than aquarium silicone. Just make sure to get 100% silicone with no mold/mildew preventatives in it, as they can apparently leech into your water and cause problems.
  17. LWormy Member Member

    If I use the plywood method, do neverwet work or no?
  18. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Not really. Silicone is your best bet for sealing an aquarium.
  19. LWormy Member Member

    Will someone please answer my question? If I use plywood box and line it with pond liner and spray the plywood with neverwet, will it work?
  20. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Having never tried it before, I will offer an educated guess. I don't think it will work in the long term.