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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Hamham, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Hamham

    HamhamNew MemberMember

    I have a freshwater 20 gallon tank but I'm thinking to use the jungle Aquarium salt for my fish( you know how it helps with stress and stuff) but I've never used it before so plz tell me how to use it?? Do I do it with water change or what??
  2. AquaticBrandon

    AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    There's no need to add aquarium salt to your tank. I would only add salt to a tank if you were quarantining a sick fish

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  3. PuffPuff

    PuffPuffWell Known MemberMember

    yeah don't do it, I did it recently, being uneducated on the stuff and one of my fish instantly started acting up, the usual slowly dying symptom. just don't use it unless you are going to OT a sick fish
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  4. lily potter1223

    lily potter1223Valued MemberMember

    Agree with the above ^^ And plants don't do well in salt water anyways. I think mollies do better with salt in the tank.. but I'm not sure.
  5. ClearEyes

    ClearEyesWell Known MemberMember

    Yup, no need for it. I've heard some people don't even prescribe it for sick fish.
  6. Anders247

    Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    No need for it at all. Even when fish are sick, imo, there are far better treatments.
    Some fish are sensitive to salt, too. It can cause more harm than good.
  7. LiterallyHydro

    LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    With Anders. Even when treating ich I don't use salt. I use heat and Rid Ich Plus.
  8. kidster9700

    kidster9700Well Known MemberMember

    I was using aquarium salt for my Molly fry just to have in there and it was fine until I did a water change and wasn't able to match salinity. 12 of them died in two days. So yeah, don't do aquarium salt unless you really need to

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  9. Anders247

    Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

  10. AquaticBrandon

    AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    I agree, freshwater fish don't really need it

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  11. EricV

    EricVFishlore VIPMember

    Aquarium salt will cause more harm than good in most setups. There are very few situations in which I would recommend using it and "to reduce stress and stuff" is certainly not one of them.
  12. Sarcasm Included

    Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    The link won't post because the website is on the blocked set of words, much like cuss words. They block websites for various reasons, including one that took time to bash fishlore.

    Don't try to circumvent it in the thread.
  13. Matt68046

    Matt68046Valued MemberMember

    IMO nothing wrong with aquarium salt to use with guppies, endlers and mollies or other slightly brackish fish. Or when treating for parasites or bacteria. It has anti-microbal and paracide qualites to it....why else would the have used salt to store food before refridgerators?
  14. Sarcasm Included

    Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    Aquarium salt doesn't change freshwater into brackish water, no matter how much you add. To the brackish fish, it would be no different than freshwater. The fact that the fish you listed do not require brackish water but rather just hard water to survive is the only reason that it doesn't harm them. If you were adding aquarium salt with fish like a knight goby, violet goby, scats, or any other full brackish fish, they would have short life spans.
  15. Matt68046

    Matt68046Valued MemberMember

    Sarcasm, i use Aquarium salt and sometimes marine salt as well. I use to use marine salt on guppies and mollies at fairly high concentrations sometimes, almost brackish. Some fish farms raise thier guppies and mollies in partial seawater for this very reason, particulary their fry. I don't find this whole "its useless" thread to represent the entire realm of fishkeeping, especially livebearers. Some people actually swear by it.
  16. Bluestreakfl

    BluestreakflWell Known MemberMember

    The only way ive ever used it was as a dip when treating for Ich in my guppies a while back. It causes the spots to lose their osmotic balance, and helps them fall off while also cleansing the sores that were there after the spots fell off. It helped treatment for me, as it meant more spots werent falling off back into the tank. Guppies as well as other livebearers are hardwater fish, so they tolerate this kind of dip well. Other fish though, are a bit more sensitive, like Tetras and such. Catfish and other "scalelesss" fish are extremely sensitive to it.
  17. skar

    skarWell Known MemberMember

    Either way your fish will be okay.
    Is it necessary to have salt in fresh water ?? No... Especially in a new tank.

    However It does not have to be brackish or marine to use a little salt.
    I do use a little in my tank as a micro nutrient, with scale less fish and snails; there has been no harm ime.
  18. BDpups

    BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    Using marine salt with freshwater fish is not a good idea. And all live bearers are not tolerant of salt. Only mollies. In regards to keeping them in it. Using it for dips is ok.

    Using aquarium salt with scaleless fish is like pouring salt in an open wound from what I hear. You may not see negative effects immediately, but I would imagine it shortens their life.

    There really is no reason for any type of salt with fresh water fish. Even for disease. There are meds that are more effective in my opinion.

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  19. EricV

    EricVFishlore VIPMember

    If you're using standard aquarium salt and not marine salt the only "micro nutrient" you're adding is sodium.
  20. Sarcasm Included

    Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    I am sorry, but your statement fails to hold any evidence of the usefulness of aquarium salt. If you add aquarium salt to freshwater, you do not get brackish water or seawater, you get salt water. If you add marine salt to freshwater, you get brackish water until you add enough to that the specific gravity is greater then 1.025. If you are adding high concentrations of marine salt to your guppy and molly tanks, than you are not "almost brackish", you are either brackish or seawater. I understand exactly why the fish farms use partial seawater(also known as brackish water), it is use to prevent and fight against pathogens. Most bacteria and parasites can only live in water that is <=1.008 or over, but few can survive in both conditions. For this reason, when a fish in my brackish tank(like say a molly) gets sick, I simply move the salinity of the tank up or down. This can only be done with marine salt and not with aquarium salt, adding aquarium salt would create a heavy excess of sodium without other necessary trace elements and nutrients. Adjusting the salinity of the fish farm is far cheaper than dosing it with medications and then having to remove the medication later. Again, this is done with marine salts, not aquarium salts. I will concede that you can use aquarium salt to increase GH for livebearers, but consideration for other fish in the tank should be made and this should only be a temporary solution.