Aquarium Salt And Betta Fin Rot Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by SlickSolo, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. SlickSolo Valued Member Member

    I've been doing daily water changes for my fin rotted betta for about two weeks now, and haven’t noticed the condition getting any better, though his mood and activity has quite noticeably increased. I was recommended aquarium salt as an added measure, however, the amount of which per water change I should include I’m not sure about (I want to be able to do aquarium salt and daily changes simultaneously.) The tank is a 5 gallon, and I’ve been changing 1.5 gallons per day. How frequently should I add the salt to the new water, and how much?
    (The image below was the best I could get of him flaring while staying still)

    Actually, here, just got a better pic

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  2. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    I don't know about dosing it to the main tank, but there are salt baths you can do. This is quoted from the famous salt lady of Fishlore who used to be active.

  3. SlickSolo Valued Member Member

    My stock is one betta and one Marimo Moss Ball. It would be much easier to do it in the main, that way I don’t have to worry about the extra parameters.
  4. Carolyn Underwood Valued Member Member

    Slick, it takes a while for rotted fins to repair. My granddaughter's Betta, Richard, was in terrible condition when my son asked me to care for him. They looked awful and I thought his fins would never be able to heal up. After about 3 months I began to see some improvement and now, after 6 months, there has been an incredible amount of healing. I would say his fins are at 90% back to normal now. He gets weekly partial water changes of about 30% and has plenty of live plants in the tank, along with a diet of mini-pellets, flake, freeze-dried blood worms, and the occasional sweet pea treat. Also, his tank is filtered, and there is a resident Mystery Snail to keep him company. It is possible the healing would have happened more rapidly if I had kept his tank a little warmer...but the temp stays between 75 - 80, mostly near the 75 degree end. I am pretty sure your Betta's fins will repair with proper care!
  5. SlickSolo Valued Member Member

    Thanks, though that’s a long time. Were you doing daily changes the entire span? If so, that’s a lot of conditioner. I’ll commit to that if I have to nonetheless.
  6. Carolyn Underwood Valued Member Member

    Slick, I only do partial water changes of around 30% once a week. I do check the ammonia, nitrates and nitrites with my API Master Test Kit weekly, as well, the day after the water change. Most of the time, everything is at 0 ppm on those three, but a couple of times the ammonia has been slightly off, but less than 0.25.
    The photos of your Betta do not look too bad at all. Richard's rotted fin condition was much worse. Still, its amazing what clean water and a good diet can do.
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  7. SlickSolo Valued Member Member

    Ok cool, I keep up with the daily for now, and once I see some good improvements, I’ll switch over to 30% weekly.