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p3t3r said:
This looks great. I would love to have the space to do the same. After reading the latter part of this thread, I was wondering if anyone produces, or has ever tried making tanks using double glazing and would the efficiency offset the cost.
I don't know if anyone has tried, I thave thought about it in the past. I see some problems related to the structural integrity of the tank... But seriously for tanks set up in a row. The reflectex insulation is great. I have a friend in my club who went to the electric company and borrowed a meter they have available to check out.

He ran a tank for 4 days at a set temp and with the room temp constant. Recorded the total energy used. Then he used the reflectex insulation on three sides of the tank and recorded the total energy used for 4 more days. Same tank temp, same room temp 33% energy savings. That was one long side and two short. If you set up your tanks end out you get to insulate 2 long sides and one short, even better savings. (This orientation works great in racks in a fishroom) If you also insulate the bottom and part of the top... Well you get the idea.
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Hey marine, just wanted to thank you for the tip with the Reflectix. It added another day of work, but I am putting that stuff on the back on all of the tanks right now. Taping it off with the tape by that company and leaving small holes for the bulkheads. Not putting it on the sides, most of the tanks are facing each other anyway (and I don't have them painted). It has the added benefit of not being able to scratch the latex paint. Thanks!

Yeah, Ted's fish room is great, if you look closely at my tanks you can see the dado joints; got that idea from his site.

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