55 Gallon Tank aquarium plants in a greenhouse pond?


I have a greenhouse with my pond in it and It will be a rainforest in a few weeks. What aquarium plants Will do well in there and most likely multiply quickly. Maybe java ferns and java moss? whos tried it b4?


I havn't done it before but I have planted tanks & I have a greenhouse.

It really depends on how much of a jungle you are going to create in the greenhouse. As with most plants light is going to be your main concern. If the top of the greenhouse is going to be completey filled with plants to form a thick canopy then low light plants like Java Fern, Java Moss & Anubius will serve you best. If there will be a fair bit of light coming through then you can have things like emersed Swords, Aluminium Plant etc.

Just judge how much light you have & then pick plants that will suit.


Java fern and moss won't necessarily grow quickly, but they certainly will do well in low to moderate light.
If you're going to have a bit more direct light, crypts may fare well, as might watersprite or wisteria.

Another thing to think about is pond depth. The deeper the pond, the less light will reach the bottom (unless you have fixtures that will hang directly over the pond.)

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