Aquarium Move And Resetting Up.


After having my 55 gallon setup for almost 7 years, with 3 of those years spent apart from it I finally have a place where I could bring my aquarium and get a fresh start.

It was hard to give up these guys, a few were from my last few posts on this site back in 2011, nearly 5-6 inches and the rest were from fry that managed to survive. I traded them in at my LFS so it would be easier to relocate everything. The petco bags were borrowed for the move I didn't send the poor things to Petco.

I decided to do some browsing for landscaping places to find rocks or driftwood for my aquarium and managed to find some locals who do day trips to collect rocks and driftwood from the various lakes and rivers around them. Manged to pick up a decent amount for a pretty good price. After a good scrubbing and boiling they cleaned up decently.

This is how the tank is currently setup, the rocks are there to simply weigh down the driftwood I don't think it intends to sink any time soon.

I plan to plant the tank and am going to browse some of the new local places around here. After changing my mind enough times I believe I'm going to stock with some GBR's as the centerpiece fish.
I'm looking to throw in:
10-12 Rummy Nose Tetras
10-12 Black Neon Tetras
4-6 GBR's Depending on if I can aquire them already paired or if I will need to purchase a few and let them do their own thing and trade in any of the hostile ones.
I'm open to suggestions or additions to the list.

I need to find some decent plants to add, I'm definitely thinking some kind of floating plants to blot out some of the light getting to the bottom then will have to find some others that will look nice for the bottom.


If you plan to have floating plants, you'll have to get low light plants. Some good ones that will grow fast are java fern, anubia, Vallisneria, and cryptocornes. All of these plants have different morphs and are relatively cheap

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