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Aquarium Lighting Question

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by TankTech, May 19, 2019.

  1. TankTech Valued Member Member

    My lamp is not working anymore on my aquarium. I have an Aqueon 20" Reflector. I just bought an Aqueon T8 Floramax bulb for my plants. I am wondering, is the LED lights as good as the Fluorescent lights? I did not see an LED light in the store that said they are good for plant growth. The Floramax box says it is good for plant growth. Any suggestions? I have a 10 gallon planted aquarium. Thanks.

  2. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    I use nothing but LEDs on my tanks. What kind of plants are you growing? I had a Finnex Stingray on my old 10 gallon and it worked very well!

  3. TankTech Valued Member Member

    I do not know the names of the plants. Are your LED lights considered full spectrum lighting for plants? Sounds like whatever type of light it is, it is working good for you. In the store I see LED's for daylight, or fish color, or deep sea effects. None of them mention they help with plant growth.
  4. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Yes, they are 6500K (full spectrum) with reds and blues on the Stingray. Nowadays I use Chihiros lights which are 8000K, but only because they are designed to fit on rimless tanks which I prefer. Basically anything in the 6000K to 8000K spectrum will work for plants, as that is the range of the visible white light spectrum that they can work best in.

    On a 10 gallon I'd consider the Stingray to be of medium intensity. I had one on a 29 gallon as well, but due to the depth I considered it low intensity lighting. Still grew plants just fine, but I chose easier plants with less strict lighting needs such as crypts and vals.
  5. TankTech Valued Member Member

    Thanks, I will look into that. Those are not lights I have seen at the fish store I am going to. Maybe another one carries them...
  6. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    I purchase a lot of my equipment online. For me it's pretty much a necessity as I live in a very rural area, not to mention I have never seen anything from Jardli, Chihiros, or Dennerle in a shop before, all brands I like.

    Amazon carries Finnex lighting as well as a lot of other options.
  7. Gavius New Member Member

    I like nicrew. Decent light, cheap price and good customer service