Aquarium Lid Hatch Support - Any Ideas?

  1. E

    Evolution Stu New Member Member

    Hi folks,
    Random one. Ive just set up a 5ft Aqua Oak 360L aquarium.

    The lid is up at eye level and with it being made of very thick oak, its an absolute pain to lift, hold open, move the cover glasses and feed the fish.

    To me its a huge oversight in the design that they havent installed some kind of "prop" to hold the lid open.

    Due to its close proximity to the wall, I cant just fold it back as when it hits the wall, its weight causes it to continue downwards and it slides the whole lid forwards with a right bang!

    Have any of you folks come up with a solution to prop your lids at say, 60 degrees open?

    This is the tank.

  2. leftswerve

    leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    Automotive hatch back lift supports (miniature shocks). Sometimes used on automotive hoods.
  3. OP

    Evolution Stu New Member Member

    That was my initial idea, the problem is they always mount to the same plane... IE, mating edges when closed.

    The quandary is, there is no material availble to screw to thats lower than the flap itself, if that makes sense?

    IE: All the wood available on the sides of the opening, is covered flush by the lid when its closed. The only option I have to screw into lower than the closure gap would be the front panel.

    Im thinking of a solution being something like a bonnet stay on a car. A bar on a pivot that is unhooked and then placed into a rib on the lid.
  4. abrooks12376

    abrooks12376 Valued Member Member

    Pulley and weight as a counter balance. May take a little math or a day of finnicking but it should work.
  5. leftswerve

    leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    as fancy as your new tank is, the bonnet stay seems a little underwhelming, but would be a totally viable solution.