Aquarium lid for 90 gallon tank

  1. giovanni

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    Hi everyone!

    Been lurking the forums for a few weeks now.

    I was able to score a second hand 90 gallon tank (just needs some TLC) for $50! Trying to figure out a simple (& cheap) DIY lid that would fit this type of top.

    I was looking into using the polycarbonate roofing type lid but I'm wondering if it would work well since the sides don't have a lip to hold the polycarbonate in place.

    Was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions or anyone out theee who has a tank with a similar style top that could chime in.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. dcutl002

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  3. katiemorrison94

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    I agree. Do the DIY screen top. You don't have any kind of lip on the top of your aquarium, so nothing can sit on the top without being directly on the top of the aquarium.
  4. OP

    giovanni New Member Member

    Thanks for the replies everyone