Aquarium in Home Theater Room?

Thinking about putting an aquarium in our den. It's our main entertainment room with a home theater setup. We often watch movies or play music at a rather loud volume. Will these conditions stress fish, or would it be okay to have them in the room?
Loud bass might bother the fish more than the high volume itself. There’s lots of bass through the subwoofer when watching action movies.

Also, sound waves from your home cinema that hit the glass of the tank will decrease your overall sound quality.

Having said that, my fish tank is next to my home cinema, but it’s in my living room that has open space. So the sound quality isn’t great to start with because of the room. And I don’t watch movies at a high volume.
In addition, sound waves travel faster through water than air and maintain their intensity in water longer. Humans are just not used to hearing things underwater compared with aquatic life.

In theory, aquarium glass being shattered by sound waves could happen. However, if there was a reasonable possibility of such an occurrence, given our litigious society (US) lawyers for aquarium manufacturers probably would have required an appropriate warning on the label.

My main display 55g is in the living room, large screen TV with a 7.1 surround sound system.
I do enjoy "Music" ask my neighbors. But I have not noticed any adverse affects even with "Discus" when I decide to "Crank" it up.

Just my .02
As I have a one-room-flat with separate kitchen and bathroom I have no choice but play my music in the same room as my tanks. I don't have a home cinema system, not even a TV and there is not much power behind my computer speakers BUT my guitar amp has some power and when I use it to either play loud or listen to my own recordings, I can see at least my fish get a bit twitchy when the bass is cranked up.

It also depends a lot on the isolation. If you got your tank sitting on styrofoam or other sound and vibration dampening material the impact is only a fraction of what would be transported if not. That does not mean there is no volume and sound pressure where isolation is futile.
One of my aquariums is right beside the TV....and my fish started being total telly addicts, so much so that I put a piece of opaque Fablon onto the end of the aquarium which acts to stop the screen glare (especially at night with lights off) and it cuts the UV from the window behind the TV.

They aren't bothered by the noise from the TV or the stereo system. As MacZ has said, you can always use some sort of matting or other sound deadening to help reduce reverberations etc if the fish do start to show signs of being distressed
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