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    I’m going to be putting live plants in my 5 Gallon with my beta or in my 10 gallon currently nothing in it. What plants are easy for beginners? How do I plant them? How to keep them alive? And if I wanted to plant heavily , how would I syphon the rocks?

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    Do you have a picture of your tank ?

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    It ain't the prettiest tank, but he's happy and everyone is thriving. The leaf on the bottom is an Indian almond leaf. It helps simulate his natural environment and he loves hiding in and tearing it apart.
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    Is amazon a good place to get plants? And I want to rearrange and decorate different in the beta? Also, do you have any cool ideas to stock a 10 gallon? Idk what I want to do with it. I bought it for fry but they are going in my 55 when they get bigger. I don’t want another beta thou

    Do they have to be attached to driftwood or could I bury the roots in the gravel?
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    I bought these plants from Petsmart for about 5 bucks each, so I can't say for sure whether Amazon is a good place or not. I don't see why it wouldn't be though. They are fairly hardy plants and survive through PEtsmart, so sellers who know what they're doing online probably have strong plants as well. They should survive the mail just fine. This tank isn't really "scaped" at all. Cosmo there had some torn fins so I was focusing on getting him better and not worrying about how stuff looked in there. It can definitely be scaped better (and probably will be soon).

    I may be biased since I just recently made one but... what about a shelldweller tank? :p

    They can be "planted" in substrate, driftwood was just easier for me since I took the old substrate out to help maintain cleaner water while Cosmo was healing. Just make sure not to bury the rhizome (the part the roots come out of) completely and they should be good to go. May do that with mine in a little bit, actually.
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    I’m trying to stay away from cichlids. I have an African cichlid tank and good gracious.. lol. I want to have like a big community tank. I have a Cory catfish with the beta (it was given to me) I want to put the catfish in the 10 gallon but idk what can go with. Any other ideas?
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    What type of corydoras? iirc only the pygmy corydoras should be in anything below a 20 gallon, since they like to be in large groups. They don't tend to tolerate a 10 gallon very well. Here's a lsit Anders made I still refer to every once in a while for fish that work in a 10 gallon. A really cool idea I've always wanted to do was Killifish. Maybe I'll start a tank....Even though I already have 4. One more can't hurt, right?
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    I honestly have no idea!! I was given the 5 gallon tank with a pleco and cory catfish. im rehoming the pleco ASAP. the catfish does good alone my dads wife that had it before me had it for 3 yrs. I did some research on it and they like groups of 5 or something like that. its a small thing , no more than 1 in and a half! the pleco is what I am worried about. the Killifish looks very pretty! the fish hobby is so fun and exciting yet stressful when you have a tank but you do not have a solid idea on what to do with it. it is going to be a few months anyways before I can do anything with the 10 gallon. I have 14 grandkids and this is my first time raising fry up to maturity. I will check the link out, great info!