20 Gallon Tank Aquarium gravel substrate turning black - how do I clean it?


I have light colored larger gravel substate called Snowy River Aquarium Gravel and it's turning greyish black. I've had black algae in the tank before and thought I'd gotten rid of it. I guess I need to take another shot at it. Meanwhile, how do I get the discoloration off of the stones? Washing them doesn't seem to work. Is there something that would dissolve the black on them?


When my gravel gets dirty I remove the top layer and boil it in a large pan of water. However be warned some coloured gravel is regular gravel covered in a coloured coating and this can come off if you boil it.
You could also try soaking it with bleach and rinsing very carefully before returning it to the tank .
I have a problem cleaning artificial plants so I have ordered a cleaning product supposed to remove algae. I haven't tried it yet but possibly a product like this may work on gravel.

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