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    Hai, can you guys send your aquarium design? My aquarium looks messy, i need idea to redecorate it, what if sand? Do i need to clean sand after i put it in the water? My tank is 52 gallon (cubic and tall so 2nd floor can be applied) and how tall should be the water level?
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    Do you have a pic of what it looks like now
  3. FishesInTankValued MemberMember

    Sorry it is a bit far so you cant see the fishes and the dirty

    Before after

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  4. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    You should rinse sand before putting it in the water to get the small particles out.
  5. FishesInTankValued MemberMember

    Should there be plants? Cuz freshwater is all about that plants.

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  6. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    I'm waiting for the pics then....
  7. FishesInTankValued MemberMember

    Wrong draft posted XD oops
  8. waterlilykariWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry if I'm being Captain Obvious here, but be careful about what sand you get and where your source that supplies it might be getting their's from. I learned this the hard way when I bought said from the local family owned aquarium and even after washing repeatedly before putting it in, I still had significant clouding and discoloration. No big deal, right? I thought it just needed to settle as many substrates will still cause similar clouding even when thoroughly rinsed prior to adding. I waited a week, then another and while most of it settled, there was still some significant discoloration and slight clouding to the water. I assumed I hadn't rinsed as adequately as I should have after all, changed the filter pads to ones with finer micron openings just to catch all smaller particles I figured were the key to clearing the water. Around the same time I was also having nitrate problems I could not get rid of no matter how I tried (and I tried EVERYTHING)

    Weeks and weeks went by and still little to no improvement. I added some Seachem Clarity halfway through and while there was some slight improvement, it was brief and within the week it was back to as it had been prior to using it. I finally resigned myself to the idea that I must have somehow caused either bacterial bloom, algae bloom or both and tried to address it as if it was either of those with absolutely no improvement with anything I tried for weeks.Finally, I happened to be in the local pet store one day when a delivery was coming in. I didn't see the bag and so don't know what brand it was, but I did see the one of the owners dumping 50lb bags of either play sand or pool sand into massive oil drum type of storage containers, while the other worked to scoop it out into glorified overgrown Ziplock-type bags, seal them shut and slap labels on those 5 pound bags with their own logo and a label that read only "fine grain sand" or "coarse grain sand" but nothing else.

    I started digging around in past posts here on FishLore and saw in more than one location that people mentioned having similar problems with either play sand or pool sand after adding it to their tanks. I had tried everything else, why not? I started a suction going that night and using the gravel siphon, I vacuumed out all the sand from our 55 gallon tank. By the next morning, it had cleared significantly - literally so much so that my husband (who usually couldn't care less about the fish or the tanks) woke me up in the wee hours of the morning when he was getting ready for work to ask me what I had done that made it suddenly so much clearer than it had been in months! By the 24 hour mark, I could lean over to look through the tank from one end and was amazed that for the first time in MONTHS I could see the can of fish food I had set down at the opposite end. By 48 hours, it was clear enough that I could read the label on the front! By the following evening, it was so clear my son announced that the glass and water had disappeared, and the fish were just floating around midair. That was all I needed to see, and I removed the sand from our other tank that day.

    I don't know if the sand had been artificially colored or if it was tannins or anything else but now I even warn people away from the sand when I see them in store buying tank kits and everything else to setup a new aquarium. Even paying the ridiculous prices for things like Tahitian Moon Sand, EcoComplete, Flourite, Floramax or any other substrate along those lines was preferable to the ugly discoloration the sand I had before finally removing it. I'm sure it would be fine if out in a reptile tank or similar and has certainly functioned better in my garden than it ever did in my tanks but you couldn't possibly pay me to go through having that stuff in my tanks again.

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