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This is the LFS I go to all the time. It's absolutely amazing, with a massive ceiling-high tank with two whitetip reef sharks (juveniles). Also sold in the store are arowanas, beautiful discus, and the widest range of tropical and coldwater fish you can imagine. All are in excellent condition. The only thing I don't like about this is that the occasionally sell painted and dyed fish (rrggghhh!).

The supplies are rather limited, especially lighting, but otherwise I find them satisfactory.

The thing I'm most amazed at is their advice. I've once saw a teenager pick up a tank and a few goldfish, but then one of the staff walked up to him and gave a lecture about the nitrogen cycle. After hearing that, he put the goldfish back and left the store with the tank (and a new test kit) saying he'd buy some shrimp to cycle with it.

Overall, a very good store. Excellent selection of fish and very good advice. Here's the website:
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that place sounds AMAZING!! drool too bad I'm on the opposite side on the country lol I would like to see that tank!
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