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  1. ~Matt~

    ~Matt~Valued MemberMember

    I’m upgrading my 60 gallon gourami tank to a 125 gallon. My aquascaping wasn’t the best for that one, so I was wondering I could get any pictures to help me get an idea of what I’m doing lol. Something really simple would be nice.
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  2. The_fishy

    The_fishyWell Known MemberMember

    I definitely recommend checking out aquascapes on Pinterest. That’s where I usually look and people usually have pictures of ones that would be in aquarium magazines too.
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  3. Zigi Zig

    Zigi ZigWell Known MemberMember

    Just place plants that you have A-H

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  4. OP

    ~Matt~Valued MemberMember

    Ok, so just to clarify, the H is driftwood, A, B, C, D, E, and F are plants, but what is G?
  5. Zigi Zig

    Zigi ZigWell Known MemberMember

    That be up to you, but i don't put nothing in G cuz that's where most people view tank.. maybe you can place small wood or small rocks...