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    Hi all-

    So recently I’ve been exploring the idea of setting up a home aquaponics system. I currently have a 60g freshwater tank and now the addiction has taken over into adding new tanks to the house. However, I’m not sure I can bear the thought of adding more maintenance to my busy schedule, so this is my main reason for exploring aquaponics. I’m less interested in growing plants for decor or consumption and more interested in keeping the ecosystem in my tank balanced. I’ve heard with the right setup water changes are few and far between?? I’m looking for the hard truth on this. My thought is to set up a small tank as a trial run first...maybe a 10g. However, I am a DIY guy and like the project aspect of building things, so I’m not sure the store bought ready made systems are for me. I also do t want something overly complex that require adapting to my water lines, etc. To top it all off my whole family has seasonal allergies, so I would have to be careful with the plant selection. I’m really looking for general thoughts on the subject of aquaponics and good trustworthy details or resources to help me build one step by step...down to a materials list and guide to build one out. Thanks all! B
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    Im not sure if this is going to help but it will atleast give an opinion. At one point i had a planted tank and i know u said u werent into aqascaping but having the plants in the tank solves your alergy problem and also ur nitrate problem. But what it does do is complicates your aquarium plants like fish need attention some fish need more attention and some less. Plants are no diffent some are easy and some are hard. If it was me i would do alot of reearch and find some easy plants to go in the tank. Hope this helps At one point in my 110g i only had to do water changes like every 2 weeks to a month
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    some of us use houseplants like pothos, lucky bamboo, and peace lily.

    there are a few that have used veggies and herbs, like potatoes, sweet potatoes, basil, peppers.

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    Currently preparing to build an aquaponics system for my 60G tank.

    I've done a LOT of research on aquaponics, and the system has only been evaluated
    with any precision on a large scale, where you're eating the fish and the vegetables.
    On a small scale like this, you won't be able to eliminate water changes... There's too
    much else you're doing in a water change besides nitrates. It DOES lower nitrate levels.
    Here in central FL my tap has almost 20ppm nitrates out of the tap. RO/DI does cut
    the toxins in the tap water, but is expensive to make. My 3ft planter will likely have
    5-7 plants, and will also act as a secondary bio filter (overhead sump). I like multi tasking.

    I'll start the build this week, and post progress on the linked thread above. Maybe you can
    learn from my mistakes.
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