AquaNeat Aquarium Filter Kit Setup??


Hi! I just got my first sponge filter and am super confused. I got the AquaNeat sponge filter kit thingy from Amazon, but I am at lost for what to do. It comes with no pictures, I've searched Youtube, the Web, and the reviews for the filter for any instructions, but I literally can't find anything. Any advice? Have y'all seen any of these parts for Sponge Filters before? (lol, taking pics in the one non-messy part in my house) Thank you in advance!

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Ok, the little blue bit of plastic is probably the check valve. Attach a bit of plastic tube to the top and bottom. You may have to cut the plastic tube to do this. Check if air still flows through the tube from the pump (the big blue thing) to the sponge(the big black spongy thing). If it doesn't flow in that direction, you've got the check valve pointed the wrong way. Flip it.

Once the check valve is in place and air can flow from the pump to the sponge, put the sponge in the aquarium, squeeze the air out, and wait for it to sink. Put the pump nearby the aquarium and outside of it. Plug the pump in, and, if it has an on switch, turn it on.

Congrats. You have successfully installed a sponge filter.

If you're wondering about those other bits of plastic, they're for if you want to attach another thing to the pump, like an airstone or another tank's sponge. You stick the pump's plastic tube on one bit, the sponge filter's tube on another, and whatever else you want to attach on the third. There's several sizes for several different types of tubing. Keep them if you think you might want to attach the pump to something else at some point, but don't worry about them right now.

If you're curious about what a check valve is, I'll explain, but I think this post is long enough already, lol.

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Looks like you’ve got it set up correctly (minus the check valve) in the second pic. Add cv and install. Those other plastic things are if you want to add something else to the pump. Looks like a splitter and 2 air adjusters.
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Thank y'all! This really helped, and I feel like the bubbles are natural noise machines lol

I'm very pleased with the little sponge filter, it's already making me happy with the little bubbling

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