Aqualog Is A Great Reference

Gourami Freak

I just got my All Labyrinths Aqualog from Animalbook and it's a very complete reference. It only cost me about 20 bucks (10 bucks of that was for international mail), just beware that several of the cichlid references are a lot more money and come in two and three part series (more like 30-40 bucks a piece). If you're looking for a series of species reference books, I would highly recommend these. Locations are listed by all of the fish and multiple pictures of all species are included. There are also full page s included of certain species and several s of breeding behaviors. The printing and s are all quality and are laminated. The book is a soft cover making it durable, flexible and lightweight. It only took 8 days via international mail to get to NC as well, so I wouldn't worry about it taking too long.

It is a dual language German/English book and as such some of the translations of full paragraphs are a bit odd, but totally readable. Considering it is a species guide, this isn't much of the book anyway.


It is a beautiful series. I have 2 killifish editions, and a livebearer one here. Fantastic for identification, but not a lot of info. Wonderful series, though.


Like Navigator said, fantastic for identification.

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