AquaClear Stopped Working! Important

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    Hi Fishlore,
    So yesterday I was noticing a louder than usual sound coming from my AquaClear 50, which has been running for about a year. It was just slightly louder, so I gave the impeller housing a good clean and scrubbed everything clean of dirt. It went right back to work and seemed fine (if still a little loud). But today, I looked at my tank, something seemed a little off, and it was because my filter stopped working (there was just enough water covering my bio-media thankfully, so it didn't all die off). I reprimed it, and when I turned it back on all I heard was a little whine, the motor was working, but the impeller wasn't spinning. So I take it to the sink, about to clean it yet again (which I do every 2 weeks), and as I am pulling the impeller out to grease it with some petroleum jelly and to swab out the housing, the white tip comes off, and the metal bottom of the impeller slips into the depth of the housing, never to leave.

    What do I do? Troubleshooting advice? My 20g stock is in my 10g right now because I am setting up a 75g for them in a couple days, and the filter was keeping the water clean, but without it they're probably dead. I am going to try to take the motor off and to pull the impeller out, but I'm pretty sure the filter is a goner. I will buy another filter, since I need another one anyways for the new 75g (in addition to an AQ 70), but I don't know where to start. All I have ever heard is AquaClear is the way to go, but obviously not the most reliable filter! I am practically out of money, but if there is a canister/HOB that you stand behind proudly because of reliability, I'm all ears!

    P.S This really stinks, I was saving up towards a nice Finnex fixture and also some nice plants, but that's down the drain because I need to buy a filter :( . Ugh
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    Nevermind.....I fixed