Aquaclear Rattling

  1. O

    Otto1 Initiate Member

    I have an aquaclear filter that rattles at times. I have came to the conclusion that I want to use silicone lubricant. However, I can't find any that say they are aquarium safe. So what do y'all use to prevent rattling noises or maintenance the filter? Any suggestions would be helpful

  2. leftswerve

    leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    Pure "vaseline" is safe. Typically a rattle means there's a problem (the lid doesn't count, lol)
  3. wrs2

    wrs2 Member Member

    I have an Aquaclear that makes noises and I tried vaseline but it did nothing except make it not work :/
  4. v

    varmint Well Known Member Member

    I would suggest taking the impeller out and clean the cylinder, that the impeller sits in, as well as the impeller itself.
  5. bitseriously

    bitseriously Well Known Member Member

    I solved a weird problem with my Aquaclears recently:
    If u use a prefilter, make sure it’s not pushing the bottom of the intake tube away from the back wall of the tank. My homemade prefilter sponge was cut just a bit too thick, front to back, and that pushed the bottom of the intake tube away from back wall, causing the filter end of the u-tube to push down on the grey plate that cradles it. That was giving a significant rattle from the impeller against the bottom of that grey plate.