Aquaclear - Preventative Silicone Grease?

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by nukeboot, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. nukeboot

    nukeboot Valued Member Member

    I was dealing with an AquaClear rattle and replaced the impeller on their advice,
    but I was still getting the same noise.

    Turns out that I likely have a failing shaft. After looking for solutions, I applied
    silicone grease and that seems to have helped but I'm thinking I have only delayed
    a possible motor/shaft replacement.

    I'm wondering if I should start using silicone grease from the start next time.
    Any chance that might prevent or at least delay the shaft failure?
  2. Tanks and Plants

    Tanks and Plants Well Known Member Member

    I put silicone grease on all my impellers and rubber seals every time I do maintenance on any of my filters. So far I haven't had any problems.

    Good Luck!

    How do you know the shaft is failing?
  3. OP

    nukeboot Valued Member Member

    Process of elimination.

    I'm finding a lot of people with the rattle who end up replacing the shaft when
    lubrication and impeller replacement don't do the trick. Pictures of the shafts
    often show serious wear.

    I just with that AquaClear would suggest lubrication. The only thing they say
    is to wet the O-Ring before putting the motor back in after the quarterly cleaning.
  4. Tanks and Plants

    Tanks and Plants Well Known Member Member

    Try and look at it this way..... the shaft is like the inside of your engine. You add oil to your engine and by putting silicone grease is like adding oil to your engine. It keeps everything nice and lubricated. But without any lubricant eventually something will seize or start to fail. That's why every time I do cleaning on my filters I always lube the magnet, shaft, and I clean the impeller of any gunk so that when it spins it spins nice and evenly.
  5. OP

    nukeboot Valued Member Member


    And when you buy a car the manual has a service schedule that includes lubrication.

    AquaClear should do the same.

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