Aquaclear or Fluval C?

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    I just purchased and am setting up a 20 gallon long, our first tank. I have seen great reviews of the Aquaclear filters. It appears that the Fluval C series is a step up, made by the same company. What are the pros and cons of these two? They are both similarly priced on DrsFosterSmith right now. I'd like to go with a trusted, highly recommended filter... (aquaclear?) Also, which size filter for the 20g long?
  2. DanB80TTS

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    Either would be a good choice, the c series is the replacement for the aquaclear I believe, I doubt they will ever phase out the aquaclear and its components though. The aquaclear has much more space and is a lot more customisable, the c series has more components to it and can probably only really use purpose build pieces if that all makes any sense.
  3. BDpups

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    I just recently got back into HOB filters and have an Aquaclear. The thing I like about it the most is they do not have any cartridges. They are similar to a canister in the sense that they can be set up with different media. They come with foam, bio max, and carbon. They carbon is not necessary unless you are removing meds, or like to have your water sparkle. Since it is so easy to replace , I did use the carbon that came with it. But have since replaced it with a media bag I fill with bulk carbon. I have also stuffed some filter floss in it for added water polishing. They have a media basket that can be easily removed for cleaning.Mine is completely silent like a canister too. For a 20 long I would get the Aquaclear 50.

    I have no experience with the Fluval C filters. The thing I would hesitate about buying one is it looks like they have cartridges that will need to be replaced. I could be wrong about this. But if they do have replaceable cartridges, that would be reason enough for me not to get one. Maybe someone who has one, or knows more about them than me can clarify this.

    All the media in the Aquaclear can be easily removed and rinsed. So once you buy a Aquaclear, the only added expense would be the carbon if you wish to use it. If you put some floss in it like I have, that can be rinsed out, and only needs to be replaced a few times a year.
  4. Reyes

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    The AQ20 was my first filter 10 years ago when I had no experience in fish keeping at all and I wound it great to maintain. I took the carbon out and put a second foam and the biomax and never had any issues with it. In the 8 years that it was working I only replaced one of the foams once;)

    Since then I have only bought another AQ50, again no issues at all, and a couple of internal ones for another tank and I have no experience with Fluval (yet, today I am buying an U2) but I would definitely recommend AQ.
  5. Cheyenne Wolfe

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    I would go with the Aquaclear 50. That's what I intend to get for my next setup. I chose it for the fact the media is easily moveable and replaceable. The customization options are endless. I intend to use a foam block for mechanical, Purigen as my chemical, and Matrix as my biological. I imagine if I had any extra space I'd use a little De-Nitrate on top as well for added peace of mind.

    That's just my take.
  6. Dom90

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    One more vote for the AquaClear 50! I believe it's much cheaper than the Fluval, although it's same company I know. My first experience with HOBs was with a starter kit that came with some Aqueon, which was horrible. I replaced it with I believe an AC30 and it worked wonders! No more cartridges to replace. Since then I've also kept a 50, same success story. Now my 29g is running a 70. I'm more into canisters now but AquaClear is the ONLY hob that I would recommend to anyone.

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