Aquaclear 70 noise

  1. justjewels Member Member

    I've got an Aquaclear 70 in a 36 with black diamond sand. It's been perfectly quiet till last night. It isn't rattling or vibrating. It's making more of a squealing noise. Or whistling noise. Any ideas what's going on? It's only a couple months old.
  2. bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    Have you taken it apart to see if you have sand in the impeller area?

    You do have some sort of prefilter sponge, right? I hope so, because that's a $2.50 preventive measure that you shouldn't skip.

    The sound itself could be sand or even a snail maybe that crawled in there maybe... Once you take it apart you would know for sure. Often these filters rattle when you first get them... But a squealing sound is never good.
  3. justjewels Member Member

    I do not have a prefilter sponge. I had thought about it and for whatever dumb reason I didn't get one. What worries me is I just put new 6 nerite snails in there yesterday and it started making noise during the night sometime. Quiet when I went to bed, noisy this morning! I will have to take it apart tonight and see if there is one in there and find a prefilter. Hopefully I don't need a whole new motor.
  4. bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    How did it go? Find anything? I doubt you need a new motor, maybe a new impeller ... Keep us posted!
  5. justjewels Member Member