Aquaclear 70 ate a cardinal

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by jhigg008, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. jhigg008Well Known MemberMember

    One of my cards got sucked into the AC 70 today while I was at work. For the life of me cant figure out how it happened because he seemed too big to fit through the slots. I put a prefiltwr sponge on the intake but too late for that guy. Rip little card

  2. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Sorry about your loss. :(

    Most of the time when fish get sucked in, its because they were weak to begin with. Fish that are healthy are able to swim away from the intake with no problem.

    But, glad you got a prefilter - those are great because they keep your main filter cleaner because the larger particles don't make it in.
    Just be sure to give it a good rinse every water change. You'll find you won't have to rinse your media as often.

  3. MinhMaiValued MemberMember

    Sorry about your Cardinal! I find the sponge that comes with aquaclears is better used outside the filter on the intake. I cut an X into it and slide it onto the tube.
  4. jhigg008Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks for the advice all! Junne, they all seemed healthy. Should I be concerned that something is going on with the others?
  5. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    How long have you had them?

    Is this for your 29 gallon? Did you just recently get these fish? Quarantined?

    Also to note, I think 80-82 is a tad bit high on the temps for your community tank. Although probably not the reason your tetra died, I would take it down a few notches to around 77/78 degrees.

    Do you notice other fish "picking" or bullying the tetras?
  6. jhigg008Well Known MemberMember

    Yes this is the 29. Ive had them for a few month now. No bullying. I have it at 81 because of the GBR. You think he would be okay with 78?
  7. BamBamSorgWell Known MemberMember

    What are your water parameters?
  8. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Sorry, I am not experienced with GBR's but from what I understand, 78/79 is a minimum temp for them. Hopefully someone else can better answer.
  9. Charles556Valued MemberMember

    Glad to finally be of some use, for a change :D

    GBRs do prefer warmer waters. Many sites will list a wide range of temperatures, but generally all seasoned GBR keepers advise that the species be kept at temps above 80 F, if not higher.

    I remember reading somewhere that domesticated strains can do fine in the 80-82 degree range, but wild-caught prefer 83 and above. Regardless, I shoot to keep my GBR tank at or slightly above 84 degrees. In this temperature, I've noticed that the rams flourish and are almost always active and investigative.

    78-79 won't outright kill the fish, but in the long run, it may affect the lifespan of the fish.

    Here's one of the articles I read when I was researching GBR care:


    Hope this helps!
  10. jhigg008Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks! I think the 80-82 (generally 81) is a decent compromise. I specifically picked the cards and rummynose tetras for their heat tolerance. But I think Junne is right that it is likely their max upper range for temp. Not sure how that cardinal ended up in the filter intake but hopefully it wont happen again.
  11. Charles556Valued MemberMember

    No problem. I specifically switched over from neons to cardinals after learning about the neon's temperature incompatibility with GBRs. Cardinals are a wonderful fish; I think they're much more beautiful than neons.

    I think your cardinals and GBR will do great together at 81-82. And if you ever want to spawn your GBRs or fight off ich, you can always raise your tank temp to 86 F and be just fine!
  12. jhigg008Well Known MemberMember

    I fought off ich last month unfortunately. The cardinals came to me with it. Also I only have a male ram now. I did have a female ram but she murdered 4 cardinals over a 2 day period so I had to return her. The cardinals really have not had the best go of it in this tank

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