Aquaclear 50 Making Squeaking Noises?!

madelyn anne

Hello, everyone.

I have an approximately 1.5 month old AC 50 running on my 36 G tank.
Yesterday, I started noticing some weird noises happening. The only way I can describe it is a very very faint sound of a crackling fire.

No fire. The sound was obviously coming from my filter.

It would come and go, lasting about 15 seconds, then going away for about 45 seconds, and repeating.

Now, my filter is making a long squeaking noise.

Like, if you took a deep breath, and then started sloooowly blowing through your puffed up cheeks, creating a low, constant, squeak. Before it stops, it sounds like that person is running out of air because it's slooooowly getting deeper. Does that make sense? I hope so, my apologies if it doesn't. Describing sounds is harder than you'd think, haha.

Anyway, my tank is right next to my bed. So. It's kind of annoying.

Has this happened to anybody? Does anyone know what it could possibly be or how I can fix it?

Thank you!



I would pull the impeller and see if there is gunk or sand around the shaft.
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madelyn anne

david1978 said:
I would pull the impeller and see if there is gunk or sand around the shaft.
I have absolutely no idea where or what that is...I really don't know much about the mechanics of filters, haha.


I'm sure this probably isn't the best solution or answer to your question, but I had a filter do that back when I had a few frogs and tadpoles, and filters have probable changed since then, but I would take the filter out of the tank, run it in vinegar water, then use my hose to rinse out anything left over. Take this with a grain of salt though because this was almost 13 years ago, and I'm almost positive that this process was hard on the filter

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