Aquaclear 50 and Customization Question

  1. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    I currently have a Top Fin 30 that came with my 29 gallon. It is working fine, but I am finding that I need more room to customize my media. My KH is low, so I have a bag of crushed coral; I have a polishing pad; and I have an extra bag of bio tubes stuffed in there in case I need cycled media for another tank. I recently had to remove the activated carbon from my filter pad because it was falling apart. So I want to have room to add activated carbon separately. Also, I want to add some nitrate reducers. I know I cannot stuff anything else into this HOB. I am about to buy a canister for my 55 gallon, and I do not think I can justify buying 2 canisters to my husband. My question is: will the aquaclear 50 be sufficient to fit all this stuff inside?
  2. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    The Aquaclear 70 would be better so that you get 10x the filtration (300 gph). Definitely a great HOB, huge media basket to be able to customize. On my 70, I've got a big coarse sponge, fine filter pad, Purigen, a bag of crushed coral and TWO bags of bio max. And no restricted flow issues even with all that media!
  3. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    If I switch over I should not have a minicycle as long as I move the established media to it right?
  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Yes. Or you can just run both filters side by side and then remove the old filter after a month.
  5. cnstowers Member Member

    I have the AquaClear 50 and can't fit more than about 3 things, so I had to choose between carbon and matrix
    Didn't want to risk replacing the bio media and can't really substitute the foam pad
    Space is just pretty limited with the 50
  6. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    I have one of those led hoods that come with a precut space for one filter. Is there a way to run two with those type of tops?
  7. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    You could cut the area yourself but if you don't want to go through the trouble, you can just move over the filter media. :)