Aquaclear 20 Cartridges

  1. Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Member Member

    so my 25gal has 2 aquaclear 20 filters and it says I’m supposed to replace the cartridges every few months but wouldn’t that be throwing away my cycle? Can I stagger the cartridge changes so that one filter can seed the others cycle? Anybody have an aquaclear filter and can tell me what they do?
  2. b

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Aquaclear doesn’t have a cartridge. They have sponges, a bag of activated carbon and biomax. What you do have to change out is the carbon. Every few months. You don’t really need it tho so you can swap it out with some more sponge or biomedia.
  3. OP
    Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Member Member

    Okay thanks!