aquabid aquarium plant help

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    Amazon sword- Placement: Background. Light level: Medium-High.

    Java fern- Placement: Middle or Background. Light level: Low-High. This plant grows best attached to something like a piece of driftwood or a rock. Tie it on with some fishing line/cotton.

    Spiral Val- Placement: Background. Light level: Low.

    Red Cabomba- Placement: Mid-Background. Light level: Medium-High.

    Ammania sengalensis- Placement: Background. Light level: High. This is a pretty demanding plant. Would be difficult to grow in a low tech situation.

    Crypt wendtii- Placement: Fore-Midground. Light level: Low-High.

    Green cabombomba- Placement: Mid-Background. Light level: Medium-High.

    Water pennywort- Placement: Mid-Background. Light level: Low-High.
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    thank you :)
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    Note, corkscrew/spiral vals do not get endlessly tall like other vals, they don't appear to ever get taller than 8-9 inches.
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    hum, well ill check that when i get them tomarro, this person is a newer seller but seemed to have alot of experiance and good reveiws but its still worth seeing if i spent my money well thanks for that note
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    The pricing of the plants on the listing seems a bit exaggerated (i.e. one little 2-3" green wendtii crypt for $2.99? eh) , but sounds like an OK trimming package and you got a good deal. I do something similar with a bunch special, but I sell 4-6 stem bunches instead. Try checking different hobbyist trimming listings on forums also if you are looking for a variety of stuff for cheap. As far as placement goes, basically put the sword near the back along with the cabomba and ammania. Spiral val can go center to back, and dwarf pennywort/crypt/java fern anywhere near the front. The crypt I would probably put closer towards the back as it eventually will get larger although it's going to take quite a while to do so.
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    ok thanks i looked on here but i dont really want to buy things i already have again so it seemed like a good deal concidering the color it will bring and the free shipping
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    It's not a bad deal, I was just saying that pricing they listed for each individual plant seemed a bit steep, I guess for effect.

    The only concern I'd have is just knowing that it's only a stem or two of each thing so be ready to trim them down as they get established to help propagate them and fill in the tank. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
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    ok thanks for the advice
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    I just got my first order of extremely well-priced plant bundles from @jetajockey last Thursday. The plants are fantastic. They're lush, healthy and beautiful. Not trying to hijack, but am trying to offer alternatives to aquabid.
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    Lol, thanks for the plug Adam55 :;toast
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    Another + for Peabody's Plants. I've had two orders and I second Adam55's recommendation.
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    I have a few 20140724_110627_zps6pzgk8mn.jpg
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    oh wow thats sooo cool
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    _Fried_Bettas_ you were right it isnt a spiral val this thing is like 15 inches and straight as can be except for 2 small cripples in the leaves
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    After looking into this further

    Vallisneria spiralis, is actually tall and mostly straight, which is rather confusing, the common name is Italian val, and that is probably what you have.

    What has the common name corkscrew val, the one that actually spirals, is vallisneria americana. I have this plant, and really like it, and like I said it stays rather small.
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    oh that makes absolutly no sense lol but ok than should i trim this thing its floating and curving everywhere and getting in the filter
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    you can trim its length without hurting the plant
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    ok thank you :)