Aqua marine / aquarium lfs in knox tn

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    I visited both these LFS today
    Aquatic marine seems to specilize in salt water but have the normal fresh water stuff also. They have a large salection of unique clown fish includong snow flake, black, and maroon clowns. Fresh water tanks left alot to de desired all were over stocked and most considered food fish rather then pets. Over half the albino ACF in stock were dead almost all the fresh water tanks contained dirty looking water and dead fish. I specificly went to look at fancy guppies all they had were feeders all about 1/4-1/2 fry and they had what looked like 200 fish in a tank that couldnt have been more the 10- 15 g u could bearly tell where 1 fish ended and the next started

    "Aquarium" I was pretty imressed with after having gotten fish from petco, petsmart and seeing the fisb at aqua marine aquariums fish looked well cared for tanks were all clean if they had any dead fish I didnt notice. The guppies are slightly higher priced then the chain stores but only by about 50c and they had alot more colorful and varried paterns tail types and colors then the chain stores even their female were highly colored compaired to the chain stores females . I will be returning to this store for my neices next fish .
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    Thanks for the reviews :)