Aqua-flow 50 Filter For Betta

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    I recently purchased a 25L tank which came with the Aqua-Flow 50 filter. after cycling the water and getting everything ready for the introduction of my new betta I began reading about other betta owners baffling their filters to reduce the current being created by the filter. I haven't done this as I wanted to see if this filter would be ok.... I don't think my betta is enjoying the filter output and spends a lot of his time perched on top of the filter unit (i am assuming this is the calmest, least affected area by current). Also noticed that some of this food got stuck in what looked like a mini whirlpool at the surface ( I have since adjusted the spray bar position). I am not sure what to do. We got him some almond leaves and some plastic leaf "bed" but he rarely uses them because the current seems to just make it not an enjoyable place for him to be. He has a rock cave and over places to hide near the bottom of the tank as well. I am looking at getting some foam and covering the spray bar holes to greatly reduce the amount of pressure flow yet still retaining the water output. Is this a suitable decision to make? Also is my betta fish going and sitting on the top of the filter normal and ok? I have positioned TWO leafs (attached to the tank by sunction pads) either side to give him somewhere to rest. but he prefers the filter.... thanks for any help :)

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    They seem to rest were ever they want. No ryme or reason behind it. As far as your filter Unfornatly I don't know. Have no experience with that one.

  3. TKK9 New Member Member

    Thanks David. Reassuring to know that there is nothing sinister to him wanting to rest on top of the filter. Would you recommend attempting to reduce the water output of the filter?


  4. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    You could try the foam over the spray bar.
  5. TKK9 New Member Member

    Will do! Thanks!
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    For Betta fish, most importantly the filter suction must not be too strong.

    Betta has big fins and tail that can be easily caught and damaged by strong filter suction.

    Reduce the filter flow rate or cover the intake holes with sponge/foam if you need to.
  7. TKK9 New Member Member

    Great thanks Lajos. Can covering the intake holes burn out the filter motor? Ive seen some people use tights to cover the filters?
  8. Lajos Valued Member Member

    No, not at all. It will only reduce the amount of water flowing into the filter.
    The motor will only get burn if there is no water in the filter.

    By the way, I think your filter is an Internal filter based on information that I found from the internet.
    The holes for the water intake seem to be quite small and safe for Betta.
    But I have no idea about how strong is the filter suction strength.

    If the suction strength is too strong in such that the Betta will be sucked to the filter, then you are right to use a tight or some kind of fine mesh net to cover the filter intake.

    Make sure that it will prevent the Betta from being sucked by the filter.
    You have to observe it when your Betta go near the intake to ensure the covering is effective enough.
    If after covering the intake holes, the suction is still too strong, then you have to quickly turn off the filter and rethink of another solution.

    Also, ensure tht your plastic leaf or any decorations used inside the tank won't cut the Betta fins and tail.
    Some decorations that are hard and sharp can cut the Betta fins and tail when it goes over it.
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    Thanks Lajos! I made sure to purchase plastic leafs that were "betta friendly". I checked them out properly before popping them into my tank. I think the filter is fine and I cant see the betta being sucked into it. The issue I am having is the current being produced by the spray bar. When I look online I can see that it mentions that the model of my filter has an "outflow adjustment" so I can adjust the outflow speed. But this isnt mentioned in the instruction booklet and I cant seem to find any knobs or buttons that'll reduce the outflow speed. The outflow speed is basically causing too much of a current around the outside of my tank. Ive seen videos of people baffling their filter output with foam and soap dishes to reduce the amount of outflow seed yet retain the water agitation for oxidation. I think I will purchase these


    and use them to cover up some of the holes on the spray bar. Therefore hopefully reducing the amount of outflow speed yet retaining the water outflow volume. Well thats my thinking o_Oo_Oo_O

    Not sure if it is the best option however, but it makes logical sense and should be ok
  10. Lajos Valued Member Member

    Is your spray bar inside the water or above the water?

    The filter intake sponge looks good.
    Get a small size if you can because the spray bar diameter is quite small.
    But if you can't find the right size and the sponge is loose when you fit the spray bar into the sponge, just use a cable tie or rubber band to tie it.

    Or another option is covering half of the spray bar with cloth and tie it with rubber bands or cable ties. But not sure whether it will last.
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  11. TKK9 New Member Member

    I managed to figure it out! I turned off the filter yesterday and dismantled it. Found that there is a little flow control that can be twisted to control the flow speed. I turned it right down so that it still moves the water, but it isnt creating cyclone conditions for my poor betta. As soon as I did this he seemed happier and more energetic with his swimming. He was exploring more areas of the tank and found it much easier to eat his food! Thanks for all the help :)