Aqua Clear Hob Filter For 20 Gallon Long?

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    Should I get the Fluval AC 50 or 70 HOB for my 20 gallon long? I have an old, barely working 70 on there.

    Per the sticky on this thread: It's recommended for hang on the back (HOB) filters, to have 8-10 times the volume of the tank per hour. I.e. 20 gallon tank=160-200gph.

    Per Fluval:
    AC 30 - 150 GPH rating.
    AC 50 - 200 GPH rating
    AC 70 - 300 GPH

    I have small fish in a heavily planted tank. Will the AC 70 blow my little tetras and guppies all around the tank?

    I had a size 70 on my 29 tall and it worked great.
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  2. Cichlidude

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    I would suggest a Seachem Tidal 35 or 55 for the far more advance features.

    The have these advantages over all other HOB filters.

    1. A flow knob to control 80% of the water flow. Each notch is a 10% increase or decrease so you can manage your water flow to slow your water so it stays in contact with your media longer which is better for beneficial bacteria.

    2. Draws water from three locations, top (skimmer), middle and bottom for better water filtering, not just the bottom.

    3. Another knob to totally shut off the bottom intake if you only want to filter the middle and top of your tank only.

    4. If the mechanical media at the lower portion of the media basket ever gets clogged it has a slightly higher bypass in the basket so the water will still be filtered through your media and continues to run efficiently.

    5. Media basket locks in place so it will never rise up pushing the media cage up possibly causing an overflow and flooding your floor.

    6. Removable no spill media basket comes out for easy just cleaning using the lid as a no spill carrying tray. No need to turn the filter off either just remove the basket.

    7. Self priming w/submerged under water pump so it’s quiet and you never have to worry about it not starting recovering from maintenance or a power failure, especially if you are not home.

    8. Includes the best media, Seachem Matrix, that handles 100 gallons that can harbor anaerobic bacteria needed to reduce Nitrates.

    9. Self cleaning impeller. From Seachem Support: The self cleaning feature of the Tidal Filters can be explained by the structure and build of the impeller housing. There is a groove in the Tidal 55 that goes through the slot where the impeller stays and it will continuously clean the impeller of any debris or buildup. For Tidal 75 and 110, where the impeller goes that continuously flushes a little bit of water through the back to keep it cool and quite clean. The 75 and 110 have the same mechanism.

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  3. Skavatar

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    both the AC and Tidals have adjustable flow, so going larger is nice for the larger media capacity.

    Tidals have the submerged motor for self priming.
  4. OP

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    Great info, thanks so much! I definitely will go for the AC 70. Tried and true. I just don't want to have to mess with creating a baffle if it blows the tiny fish around.

    When I had the new AC 70 on my 29 tall, I had to put a homemade baffle in when I added the Betta, as he was blown around (he since got his own tank). Some of my plants in my 20 make it to the surface, though I keep cutting them back.

    I wish I would have never bought Water Wisteria! The stuff is like Kudzu ~ a freakin' weed. It sucks up all the liquid ferts I add. I don't have the money right now to replace the stuff (It's a stretch for a new filter, but the old one is dying). And while I'm complaining, (sorry), my last plant order had pest snails AND frogbit in it. Never had them before. The horror...

    Thanks again.