AQI Prime HD for a FOWLR tank?


Anyone using an AQI Prime HD for a FOWLR tank? I see tons of reef settings online for it (probably because it's overengineered for a fowlr tank, but I have my reasons for wanting one), but I can't find any guidelines for FOWLR tanks for what choices I should make among white, blue, royal blue, green, red, violet, uv. I'd like to grow some coralline, grow some macroalgae, try a mangrove, and be able to see my fish clearly.

Thanks in advance!


Do you mean an AI Prime HD? If so you are correct that they are serious overkill for FOWLR, but it does give you full programming to create the look you want. Red and Green tend to promote unwanted algae growth so it's best to keep those dialed back to a minimum. Honestly I would say it really depends on the look you want and you will want to play around with the Whites and Blues until you get the look you want. Fish don't really care much about the color of the light or even care if you have a light and Algae will grow in pretty much any light. Coralline usually takes time for the tank to mature before it comes in.

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