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    Aqadvisor ????

    OK I have a question about this AQADVISOR site. I put in my tank 29 gallons and listed the fish I wanted it listed the following which does not quite match my figuring but I am using Petsmart numbers for maximum fish length so those might be wrong. this seemed like too much for me but wanted to ask you guys. I do think it would make a great tank.

    6 Danio reno (glofish)
    4 x Corydoras Loxozonus
    3 Honey Gourami Trichogaster chuna
    3 Dwarf Gourami Colisa Lalia (neon blue gourami)
    95% stock level

    Does this seem good to you guys? Do you use this site? I took several of your advice and my daughter does lover the Gourami. The petsmart person kept trying to get me to get rainbow but Aqadvisor says you need 5 or more which she said was wrong but I don't necessarily trust these people.

    If all goes well as I said in the other thread, I start the first of may beginning my fishless cycle. If this works, then hopefully all or most of the fish will be in it by my daughter's birthday the 19th of June.

    Thanks again for the help
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  2. Shawnie

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    in your other thread, theres allot of great info :)
    using all sites is best...and asking for experiences with the fish, is always best :) dont rely on just one site and although members do use that site, its continuously great job asking for advice before buying!!
    IMO in a 29g tank, you will have major issues with 5 gouramis....they dont play nice especially when crowded :( ...maybe 2 dwarfs could work, but you take a chance of aggression for sure....and this being your only tank, you wouldnt have a back up tank to put the aggressor if it happens....
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    I've tried dwarf gouramis a couple times in my 75 gallon community tank. They have never lived more then about 3 weeks. I did a search in the gourami section of this site and found many people have trouble with them and a high percentage of them carry disease. Many people recommend the honey gouramis.
  4. Lucy

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    Along with the above advice about being wary of stocking sites and weak DG's,
    I think you may run into problems with that many gouramis in your size tank.
    They can be territorial. Which can lead to aggression issues.
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    From my experience, my two Blue Gourami's were not good tank mates. They were very aggressive towards one another and to the other fish. Not sure how Honey Gourami's are with aggression but like others above me have said, you very well could have problems.
  6. Meenu

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    I agree with the others, this is not a great idea. Good job researching further.
  7. JustinF

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    Dwarf Neon Rainbows are the only rainbows that can fit, as I was told by someone else on this site for my tank. I agree with them on the dwarf gourami I had one and he died right away, also they require a tank that's been cycled for good while. (Also information from someone on this site, they are very knowledgeable people here)
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    I agree with the others that you will probably have aggression issues with that many Gouramis. Two Honey or Dwarf Gouramis might work but I think you would be better off just sticking to one. It's a shame that DG's in America seem to suffer so many ailments, ours are as tough as nails & do really well.

    As for the rainbows there are quite a few that will fit into a 29gal but they should be kept as groups of 5 or more as they are a shoaling fish. Some of the ones that would fit & be ok with Gouramis, Corys & Glofish are: Celeb's Rainbowfish (Telematherina Ladigesi), Australian Blue-Eye (Pseudomugil Signifer), Forktailed Rainbow (Pseudomugil Furcatus), McCulloch's Rainbow (Melanotaenia Maccullochi) & Spotted Rainbow (Glossolepis Maculosus). You would need to make sure that they fit in with the stocking levels of your tanks though & do your research on them thoroughly.
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    Wow Great information. I will look up the rainbows that were suggested. I knew I needed to ask, which is all I know right now. Well back to drawing board with final list.
    At least I know cories and glofish that is 2 down. I really am appreciative.
    Nutter I am looking up the ones you mentioned along with the neon.