Apps For Aquarium Records

  1. wyldkingdom

    wyldkingdom New Member Member

    I am trying an app on my notepad for keeping a record of my livestock, water changes, etc.. It's called Aquarium Note. It would be nice not to have all this paper, but it has a ton of ads that pop up constantly. Has anyone found an app that they like? Maybe I'll just have to stick with paper records.
  2. NEboy

    NEboy New Member Member

    Actually wyldkingdom, I created my own spreadsheet in Excel and it works great for my needs! I'm able to keep track of my water changes (how much % and on what date(s); filter media changes/additions; chemicals I 'may' have added and for what reason; I log issues/problems I had and what I did to attempt to fix them; what fish I purchased when and for how much, etc. Of course, one must manually enter the numbers and data, etc., but on the sheet where I have expenses listed (everything from day one), I have it tally automatically so I have a running total at a glance. Best part? No Ads!! . . . and I can look back over a year and see what my PO4, NI, NA, PH, Ammonia levels, etc., were and where they stand/stood before and after a water change. Works for me.
  3. NEboy

    NEboy New Member Member

    P.S. I had the Microsoft Suite so Excel didn't cost me anything more. If you don't have Excel, I believe there is now a free version available on line from Microsoft. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but you may still be able to accomplish what suits your needs. Not sure what App you are using and how much it costs . . .
  4. OP

    wyldkingdom New Member Member

    Wow! Sounds great! I'll have to try that. Thanks!
  5. OP

    wyldkingdom New Member Member

    I'm trying an app called Aquarium Note and it's free, but I don't appreciate all those stupid ads popping up all the time. I'll check out the Excel from Microsoft if I need too. Thanks again!
  6. bgclarke

    bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    I use Aquarium Note. I don't find the ads to be that intrusive.
    I'm planning on purchasing the app.
  7. Ben404TA

    Ben404TA Valued Member Member

    Aquarium note is great.
  8. bitseriously

    bitseriously Well Known Member Member

    Has anyone bought/downloaded this lately? I can’t find it in the apple App Store.
  9. C

    CichlidDream Valued Member Member

    Found this thread yesterday and downloaded this App from a Google Play Store.
    I keep track of all my aquarium related things partially in paper records and partially in my own Exell spreadsheet. I was planning to get rid of paper notes completely and do everything in my Exell spreadsheet only. Now I think I will enter some data into this app (let say starting from October 1st) and see what I will like more. I definitely see some pros in the app I do not have in my spreadsheet. Maybe I will just add some more features in my spreadsheet.
    From the first look this app is useful, glad I've found this thread.