apple snail/mystery snail babies


HI we just did a water change on our baby guppy/mollie tank they share with an apple snail and mystery snail, I did post a while ago I thought they were (at it) then we noticed a clump above the water line like a rectangular/round thing and thought wey hey (SNAIL BABIES) obviously exciting as weve only got two snail and never sorta thought it would happen as we thought they were different. but then we said AAAAWWWWW NNNAAAAWWW lots of snails lucky we have clown loaches
Is it possible they would all hatch as it looks like there is hundreds of them ****

Another thought because one is an apple snail and the other a mystey snail ,,,,, what would the babies be classed as lol???


I think all of those eggs will get you a good-sized litter, but some don't make it and I've seen snails attack and eat one another. But you're right, hurray for clown loaches!

And an apple snail-mystery snail baby would be a mypple, I think.
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