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My LFS has recently gained a supplier out of Florida and has brought a lot of new stock from it. I was walking through today and happen to see they had apple snails and then came across a grown one. I held off on buying it+some younger ones right then (I have a problem when it comes to snails) until I know a bit more about it.

Heres the picture:

It was roughly 4inches, and though I know its not a very good picture I'm hoping somebody here might be able to pick it out, from my bit of researching the shell shape maybe looks like it could be Pomacea maculata? or I may be way off there I honestly don't know

Also if I do end up going back to get a couple aside from no plants is there anything I need to do special for them or just the normal in-general snail care?

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Well I couldn't keep myself from it. He is home now and in a qt tank waiting to be moved into either a 55 gallon or 135g depending on how well I can create a barrier in the 55 to keep him out of the java moss.

It might be a super-pest in the wild but will be absolutely amazing with a bunch of guppies/corries swimming around^^


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