Appeared from no where?

  1. Gingerbaby9

    Gingerbaby9 Initiate Member

    Hey there, I have five snails in my tank, all mystery/apple snails and this morning I was checking my tasks as usual and I noticed a snail I have never seen before and did not purchase. I'd a black apple snail, and he is so small, maybe half an inch. Could there have been hidden eggs and only one snail survived and stayed hidden until he was larger? That seems so crazy, but seriously WHERE did it come from??

  2. codyrex97

    codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Could've hitched a ride on the other snails or any live plants you got and then hidden for a while. It's so easy for snails to hide. Mine disappear for days at a time sometimes and then pop up randomly looking happy and healthy as always.