Aponogeton ulvaceus

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    Common Name: Aponogeton ulvaceus
    Latin Name: Aponogeton ulvaceus
    Family Name: Aponogetonaceae

    Plant Form: Bulb
    Sold as: Bulb

    Placement: Background
    Max Size: 24 inches/60 cm
    Plant Location: Planted in substrate
    Flowers: White, yellow or purple on 3-4 foot stems
    Propagation: Seeds or adventitious plantlets
    Growth Rate: Very Fast

    True Aquatic: Yes

    pH: 7.5 or lower
    Supplements: Quality fertilizer, Root Tabs, CO2
    Lighting: Prefers High to Very High, but can be grown in low moderate light

    Care Level: Moderate
    Good for Beginners: Yes

    Stunning plant grows very quickly, as much as 3-5 inches a day, under high light and easily flowers. Leaves are elongated with a wavy edge. This is a true tank buster!

    Plant has been hybridized and it is unknown which species you have without looking at the bloom color. A true Aponogeton ulvaceus is actually quite rare. Most hybrid species sold today require a dormancy period; however, the purple flowering plants do not require it.

    To force plant into dormancy:

    When plant growth greatly slows and plant begins to die back naturally, remove from aquarium and prune off roots and leaves. Set bulb into a water tight container with cold water. Leave it in a cool, dark place for a month or two. Then return to the aquarium and surround with root tabs. Plants will quickly take off and grow very lush again.

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