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  1. anunez91Valued MemberMember

    Hello again! So as my tank is nearing the end of the cycle, Ive been doing some searching as to where to buy my fish and such. I found some guy selling breeding pairs of Apistos "Apistogramma Cacatuoides" for 30 bucks. theyre really pretty and i think i might buy them. My question is, does anyone know if theyre compatible with xrays and cories? I know i probably wouldnt be able to keep the angel i wanted with the apistos, as they would be replacing the ram pair i was considering, unless i could! any help would be appreciated. =]
  2. TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    Apisto cacatuoides are fine in a community tank....until they start breeding. The females can get very aggressive if any other fish get into their territory. The Cory's had no problems with the females. They would freeze and she would push them out of the way. My experiences were in a 50 gallon tank and everyone had plenty of room and hiding places.
    You might be able to get by with one pair in your 29 gallon.... but no more.
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  3. anunez91Valued MemberMember

    so then if i get those guys for my 29, thats all i should keep in the tank? would that be enough room in the event of fry?
  4. TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    Yes they can raise the fry in there too. A couple of cory cats won't hurt anything and they aren't too bothered by the apisto's....like mine did...they just stopped swimming and mrs. apisto pushed them out of her way....no damage to any fish.

    Have lots of plants and hiding places and you could add a couple of "dither" fish too. Maybe a couple of tetras or zebra danios just for some action. You just will have to keep an eye out when the female apisto stakes here claim. Most fish learn where is safe and not safe. Put more hiding p[laces at one end of your tank for spawning and she will raise the young in that area.
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  5. anunez91Valued MemberMember

    I was thinking about adding one of those tetra water wonder plant packs, the amazon one in addition to what i already have.

    357.jpg   Click for a bigger picture.

    Do you think that would be enough as far as hiding places? And my original stock idea with the apistos replacing the centerpiece fish would be, 2 apistos, six xrays and six cories. Too much? maybe i can get away with the neons since theres no angel to eat them, or any less of either of the schooling fish?
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  6. TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    Personally for the apistos to be comfortable, I would Clump the artifical rock structures more to one end of the tank and then have the other end more open for the tetra's to swim. Maybe leave the one piece on the right side but tighten up the others on the left side...or visa versa. The cichlids will love exploring all the structures and the tetras will love having open swim space. Just be careful stocking it too much...when the apistos spawn she will get a little crazy. Maybe 4 corys will be plenty of cory's.
  7. anunez91Valued MemberMember

    sweet, thanks for all your help! also, ive been reading up on them. Ive read that they dont really need the blackwater conditions and such in order to thrive and breed, which is my main goal and reason for buying the breeding pair, but, my water is hard. Maxes out the API low range PH test hi. So its probably higher than 7.4. Ive also read that fish usually adapt to the tank over time, im in no hurry but, is it at all possible to breed them in that hard of water?
  8. TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    They will probablt go thru the spawning....after a couple of trys and no hatch, it would be the PH too high. Cacatuoides are pretty tough and adaptable...the egg shells are another matter....but give it a try. If/when you get a pair it is normal for them to spawn within 2 or 3 weeks. Happens to most people's cacs...a change in their enviroment can trigger spawning. Good luck!! They are great fun and beautiful.

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