Apistogramma macmasteri pair questions

I have a 20 gallon long tank I plan to make heavily planted. these would be my first apistos ever, and i have no idea what their temperament is. from what i've read they are peaceful except for when a pair is mating.

i plan to stock the 20g with corycats (and maybe ember tetras) - will a m/f pair of apisto macmasteris be too dangerous? i am not sure what to expect, i've read that apistos can work in a community tank but idk what is large enough for them to work in a community tank. if anyone with experience with macmasteris could weigh in that would be great! TIA!
as a general rule of thumb, corys and Apistogramma are a no-no. I’m sure someone here has done it and not been left with corys that were eyeless, but I’d say that’s the exception, rather than the rule.

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