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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by appcontrol, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Hi all, so i just need some ideas and to see what other aquarists think.

    So my tank 22gallon/85 litres, 80cm x 30cm x 35cm dimensions

    Male apistogramma agassizii x1
    Harlequin Rasboras x 8
    Ancistrus sp. X 1
    Nerita snail x 2 (mabey i will remove them later)

    So what else could i put in tank.
    I was thinking maybe to put one female apistogramma, 2 more Rasboras and mabey few otocinclus later?

    Or just one more school of black neon tetras and few otocinclus.

    Or 2 female apistogrammas.

    Or what would you do... all options are opend, just no hatchet fish because i have open tank and they have tendency to jump.

    Thanks in a front.

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  2. DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    In my opinion, your looking at close to fully stocked in your tank. You could potenially add another female apisto to the aquarium, but that would probably be the peak of stock. It also will depend on hiding places and agression. Sometimes it's hit or miss but i find that the agassizii appear to be more peaceful. And i highly recomend that you don't add ottocinclus. these are rather cold water fish liking a temperature of 74 despite what some websites say. this is much too cold for the other fish in the aquarium.

  3. ktorg Valued Member Member

    I agree with the above. You might be able to add one female apisto but your tank is not heavily planted or scaped enough for two females. Also realize that if the apistos spawn they will become very aggressive, and in a smaller tank there are fewer places to hide so you may lose some rasboras.

  4. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Thats actually reason why i ask about stocking. Ok so no otocinclus, maybe one female but if she spawn i dont want fish soup at a morning... so what are other options? One more school? Or something else?

    And i use aqadvisor for some checks and i am now on 63% stock with what i have.

    Btw. I am planning to add som cappata leafs, maybe more smaller rocks.

    And for filtratiin i have pat mini 400 l/h, and juwel bioflow 300 l/h... In time i am planning to buy stronger juwel pum and remove pat mini.

    Thanks for otocinclus recommendation, i didn't know that so they are out from picture. Any other stock suggestions?

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  5. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Female Apistos do not have the same territorial requirements as males. From the photo of your tank, you could easily add two female Aggies; a single female would be constantly harassed by the male. I would also say a school of eight of a smaller species of Tetra could work. Black Neons would fit the bill nicely. There are a good number of ammonia sucking plants there, and filtration looks more than adequate.

    I would advise extreme caution with using aquadvisor.

  6. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Here are better pictures and thanks on advice.

    Btw. if i add two mre apistogrammas i wouldn't add another school as i have 8 rasboras already.

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  7. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Anymore opinions? The more is better.
  8. DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    you can't look at agression from a single fish, you need to look at the agression levels of the pair. so, yes female apistogramma are less territorial, but not as a pair. If you get more than one female also, you are eventually going to need to remove one of them since she will be picked on. Also more than one school of fish could pontenially stress the german blue rams more than needed when they have eggs. Look at your tank as 15 gallons for the rams and the rest for other fish.
  9. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    I don't have German blue rams but i understand your point. What would you add then to this setup?
  10. DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    woops...i didn't mean rams, i meant apistos but just add 1 female to the aquarium and i would hold off on anything else.
  11. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Like most Apisto species, Apistogramma agassizi is a harem breeder. The male protects the larger territory with 2-4 females holding smaller territories within. A second female will not be picked on, she will be spawned with, usually pretty close to the same time as the other female. The size of the tank is the only reason I suggest only two females, there is insufficient space for a third. If there is only one female, the male will keep harassing her to breed because his attention is undivided.

    I've had Apistogramma trifasciata in a long 20 where the dominant male spawned with two females on opposite sides of the tank, less than a week apart. Aggies will do the same.
  12. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Soo with 8 rasboras 1 ancistrus and 1 male agassizii i could put two more females. Ok just so you know i dont really want to breed them i hope that snails or ancistrus will eat eggs i don have place for more fishes and number two i dont want to get rasboras killed if they are that aggressive when they breed. I will need to realy think about that.

    Or i will leave just one male without females and will add some other fishes later.
  13. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Actually, so long as they stay away from the lower areas, the Rasboras are not likely to be chased. The A. trifasciata I mentioned above had about thirty young Hyphessobrycon bentosi around an inch long with them, and they never bothered with them at all.
  14. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Tnx. on your help. I will think little more about all my options before i decide, and probably ask on some facebook groups.
  15. appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    Hi all again, i was thinking for last few days about what to do. And because i want to skip all that problems (male and female apistogramma will not pair, will kill rasboras when breeding starts, maybe it will happen that ancistrus get hurt, or i get 100 apistogramma babys) i was thinking to put 1 pearl gourami in community. He is mostly on top and middle of tank so it should work.
    Your opinion on that?