Apisto Mystery Death!

  1. Stu and jess

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    hey guys, been a while since I've had too post anything! Unfortunately it is about the death of our beloved female apisto (mrs Rodger)
    I noticed she had been acting funny so kept a close eyes on her, she seemed to get better after a few water changes, then suddenly she just started floating around, spinning upside down etc which I put down to a swim bladder disease?
    I put her in the hospital tank and started treating her as soon as I could the next day after purchasing some medication (unfortunately uk shops don't stay open 24 hours)!
    The next morning I woke up and she had sadly been taken from us :( now the question I have is her eyes were fine when she was alive, however after closer inspection I have noticed that since the night before one eye had just turned black (I'll attach some pictures) is this "a cause" of her death or "a result" of her death? It's really bugging me!

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  2. KinsKicks

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    So sorry about your loss! Do you have any parameters, and how long have you had her (could have just died from old age). Also, I will say that her left eye looks odd as it's completely black and quite large (like you mentioned. although, it may be just a post-mortem thing)

    She does look a bit skinny which could be some internal parasite or wasting disease, but then again, it could be the loss of osmoregulation from death.