Apista? Plant Id!


I recently purchased a 75 established FOWLR (running for 20 years) tank, and the live rock has some stuff growing on it. This is my first salt tank, so I have no clue what this stuff is lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

First pic is what I think is apista? And second is the other stuff, both are growing fine in tap water.


First picture shows apitasia, the second appears to be a type of tree coral, but i've never had that coral and have only seen pictures. This is more of the Freshwater people, go check out reef 2 reef for saltwater info.


I bet to differ...there are tons of salties here on this site....

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I'd say it's a type of Sinularia Coral or more commonly known as a leather coral. There are tons of them out there so not entirely sure which one it is.


Thanks SP! And very sorry to the OP for missing this thread for so long. Big congrats on your new tank!

I agree that looks to be a type of leather coral in the tank. I'm not experienced with many soft corals, Sinularia included, and yes, there are many different species. General care for finger leathers would probably be a good place to start your research though.

Those little pest anemones are definitely aiptasia. Some people like what's known as a 'pest tank' and I'd probably have one if I had the room. If you're looking to turn your new setup into a thriving reef tank, then you'll want to get rid of the pests. I had quite the battle with aiptasia myself and hope to never see another in my little reef tank.

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