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Discussion in 'Test Kits' started by dano569, Jan 8, 2006.

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    i finally got an api master test kit.i use as many of their products as possible.the only problem i'm having is testing my nitrates.my ammonia, and nitrites are at 0.i can't tell what my nitrates are because from about 40-160 look the same to me [my eyes are bad].i was wondering if i mix it all up if i put the tube over the colors on the card the ones that are darker will be visible through the liquid right?please let me know what ya'll think.
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    Hold up the tube and card to a bright light; the sun if it's out. If you are unsure of which one, choose the worst. Better safe than sorry. I ask my 9 year old to read it for me. He doesn't know what it means so I get the truth! :D
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    Thats the kind I use also and I have to hold mine up to the light :D Just assume the worst and you can't go wrong ;)
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    There are products in to be added to in the filter media instead of carbon that will remove nitrate. They can be purchased at  . A couple of names are Renew and Nitra-Zorb. I have never used them as I mix distilled water with my tap water (half and half) to reduce the nitrates here.

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    If you have Nitrates from the tap you may have to mix it with Ro(reverse osmosis) water or distilled. The only problem there is that neither of those has the nutrients in them that tap water has. This is only a problem if you have alot of live plants.
    Over crowding will case Nitrates to be high and live plants will use the Nitrates up, more live plants the better.
    Then there's the old stand by, WATER CHAANGES ;)
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    i've never kept live plants before.how hard is to keep amazon swords?
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    Amazon swords are very easy as long as you have enough light. I believe they are medium light plants and need at least 2 watts per gallon to thrive and stay a pretty green.