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Hey guys, I just noticed there is some white fluff on one of my (brand new) fish's fins.... He's been quarantined, but I want to get a jump start on protecting the rest of my tank (especially because most my fish are new, bought within the past week).

I have an old bottle of pimafix that is expired. Is there any harm in using this? I will buy a new bottle in about 5-6 hours when I have access to a car, I just really want to get a jump start on preventing a problem in my tank.

I've also heard that you cannot have activated carbon in a filter when using pimafix. Is this true? I'm hoping to avoid swapping out my filter media, as my tank just finished a minicycle.... (like so recently that I'm still dosing stability to make sure it doesn't crash).
If I do need to swap out the filter media, can I put the filter with carbon just in the tank (not in the filter) to maintain that bacteria colony so I can put it back in the filter when the medicating is done?

Or any suggestions on medication that might work better than pimafix?

I should also note that I have a few red cherry shrimp. So only suggestions that are safe for them please!


If the other fish are not affected and you've already separated the one fish then I see no need for using meds in the main tank.

I'd just be doing some extra water changes to remove any pathogens that may be in the water column, as this is how most if not all fish disease spread.

Lastly, yes you must remove activated carbon or it will soak up all the meds, making it useless and a waste of money. When you remove the filter cartridge I'd just place it in a bucket of old tank water to keep the bacteria alive.

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