API Master Test Kit Question

  1. Jake the Fish Member Member

    I recently got an API Master Test Kit at my LFS. I did all the tests today (but not High Range pH), and I realized my nitrite, nitrate and ammonia were a bit high. Tomorrow I am going to my LFS to get the API Ammo-Lock and API Nitra-Zorb. Does anyone know how much they are?(in Australia)
  2. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi Jake,
    What's nitra-zorb?
  3. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Sorry, I don't know how much those products cost.
    I understand why you would want ammo-lock to detox but I don't know what API Nitra-Zorb is.
    Rather than trying to fix your problems with chemicals, why not do daily water changes until your tank is cycled?
  4. Jake the Fish Member Member

    In my API Master Test Kit I was doing my Nitrite and Nitrate Tests and I saw they were a bit too high. So, I kept on reading and it said to reduce them you could use API Nitra-Zorb. If you want to you could :;google.
  5. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    I suggest Prime - it will detoxify ammonia, nitrites, and even nitrates. It leaves them in the tank for the good bacteria to eat, but makes them safe for the fish for 24 hours. If you do water changes every day with Prime, you can usually keep your fish safe until the cycle is done.
  6. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    No way would I use that Nitra-zorb.....says it removes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, like it will keep your tank from never establishing the good bacteria. That's how I see it.
  7. Jake the Fish Member Member

    I will try and get some Prime asap.
  8. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Hey, Jake, by the time we're done with you here, you're going to have such an awesome understanding of the nitrogen cycle that you'll really impress your science teachers. :)
  9. Jake the Fish Member Member

    Thanks Meenu. Lol
  10. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning Jake. I agree with the above posters. Prime will be all that you need to condition your water as far as ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are concerned. There really isn't a need for the nitrazorb pillow.
    Best wishes for a speedy cycle!