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I live in a ground floor apartment in a big city. We have 11 tanks including a 125 gal. and a 330 gal. My husband does water changes twice a week. Some tanks drain to an outside drain, those that can't reach the street drain into to our bathtub. I see the detritus and soot going down the drain. Last week the tub drain was clogged. I think it's from the water changes without a strainer in the drain. He refuses to use a strainer and denies it's from the aquarium water. Anyone else have issues with clogging drains from aquarium water?


Although in general the drain will clogg over time aquaria or not, this makes it particularly unappetizing. Put the draining hose into the toilet. Most is excrement anyways.


Your husband is correct. Highly doubtful draining tank water has anything to do with the drain clogging up.
I like the toilet idea above.


A plastic spring clamp attached with cable ties to the hose will guarantee the hose points in the right direction without it needing to touch much.

I regards to not using a strainer.
I have read that snails can be an issue in drains.
Small pieces of aquarium plant material finding their way into waterways should be of concern to every fish keeper.


The toilet is also nice because it will automatically 'flush' (at least in my apt) when there is a bunch of extra water in the bowl. I'd imagine less likely to clog unless sand and gravel are making it in.


Would attaching some sort of filter sock to the end of the hose work? This would stop the solids from running down the drain.


My issues aren't from aquarium water, but just from an older house with older plumbing that isn't sized well for the current usage.

Regular drain maintenance is the answer. I routinely dump boiling hot water down the drain that causes most of the issues. I also routinely use a gentle drain cleaner product. I keep Drano on reserve for the real clogs. Its a pain, but short of a major renovation, its the only thing to do.
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Thanks to all of you. That seems to be the consensus, that it's not the aquarium water causing the problem necessarily. I still get anxious watching that gunk go down the drain. I've suggested the toilet but that didn't seem to go over well. Thanks again all.

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